A blog milestone

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Today my WordPress blog officially made 19,000 hits and that’s something to be happy about. I know my blog is very credible and very well read. I worked hard for my blog and where it is and now at 19,000+ and going on to 20,000. Means for me, I am a very serious blogger and no longer an Amateur blogger like those who use Blogger or live journal as their blogging platform.

My blog will get better and better over time and eventually I’ll be at a level where I am taken very seriously as a blogger and as a writer.  I know most bloggers take a long time to get to this level and I know some like me work hard at it. That’s why I was very happy when I switched from blogger to WordPress and since then I am very happy with WordPress. I always tell my friends and family about WordPress and how it’s way better than Blogger and how blogger is for amateurs. Those who have a blog on blogger are never taken very seriously and quite frankly are seen as beginners.

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