First week of college, so far

Okay first week back on campus and in the Dorms and everything seems to be going fine and well. Their were some hang ups when I moved in and that was because some roommate took a room that was designated for me because I am deaf in one ear and I have a bed shaker for my room. Other than that, I am doing totally fine, and adjusting well to college.

One thing I am always finding very strange is that in college I am always forced to room with guys and Men. It’s very weird for someone who’s born intersex and who doesn’t fit-in with the typical male mentality or male physiology to room in a college dorm with Men. Though I do manage to survive rooming with men, even though gender wise, I am an indeterminate gender and I have no biological gender to being with. For me, sometimes it’s ok to room with men, while other times it’s not and it get’s difficult from time to time. So for me, who is born intersex and is not biologically male or female, it dose make college life very interesting. One thing I learned from all this is that I get to see how men and women interact and behave from a pov of an intersex person. I don’t take sides in the Gender issue and I always know that being born intersex, I don’t have a gender and I’m an indeterminate gender.

Though I was offered a gender neutral room because I am an intersex person and they did ask me if I wanted to have a Gender neutral room and have gender neutral roommates. The university instead gave me a hearing disabled room because of my hearing disability and they told me that my safety and security takes top priority over my intersex medical condition and it was an ADA issue as well. Though the one thing I wish they did was let me choose which person wants to room with me and even screen for roommates who are going to room with a disabled college students. It would make more sense and it would screen for roommates who can understand and work with disabled college students.

So anyway, first week of classes went well and I have homework and exams like crazy. I now have to come up with money for textbooks and school supplies. As we all know, College textbooks can cost an arm and a leg. So I have to somehow find a way to pay for them, in this rough economy. As far as college involvement for me, that will be a hit or miss for me and it will depend largely on if I feel comfortable and ok with being involve socially. I still have my issues of being left out and isolated, though I am working on them on my own terms.