Slow State in trying to get my EMT license renewed

The one thing that has been so aggravating for me is how slow the State of Connecticut is in processing licenses for EMT. It’s taken for so long for them to process my EMT license and for them to issue them to me. It seems like they are taking forever and it just seems like I am waiting forever for the State of Connecticut for Connecticut to just issue me my EMT license.

I know I took the EMT recert class in June of 2011. Passed my state written exam on the 3rd try in July 22 2011. Have been waiting for the state since Aug 1 2011 for them to process my Paperwork and issue me another EMT License. It seems to be taking forever and it seems to me that they are sitting on their butts and not pushing the paperwork along.

Is this what Taxpayers of Connecticut expected,  you have long waits in line and your waiting for a long time for the state to process your paperwork for your license renewal. It seems to me that the State of Connecticut OEMS is very much ineffective and quite frankly not keeping up with the times. Such as licensing and renewing EMT’s and paramedics in the State. It takes so long for the OEMS to process your paperwork for an initial to renewal license that, you really have to wonder is my tax dollars are worth paying for a system that is very slow and ineffective.

It’s taking me over a month since August for OEMS to process my paperwork and issue me a new EMT license. It feels like it’s taking forever and they seem to be very slow and sitting on their butts. You really often wonder why we don’t have enough health care providers out in the field, when the State ties people up in regulatory red tape and mountains of paperwork. This is why health care will never get to where people want unless the start by tearing down things are are ineffective and wasteful. Even that hinder people from delivering health care and slowing the process down.

This is why I am very pissed at my state for taking so long to just renew my EMT license in Connecticut. They seem to be sitting on their asses and taking their sweet time to renew people’s license.  No wonder why OEMS is acting more like the DMV.