‘X’ Gender Option in Australian Passports – TIME

‘X’ Gender Option in Australian Passports – TIME.

Okay, When I saw this thing, this morning. I was very surprised that Australia allows this for intersex people in Australia to have a passport that gives them the ‘X’ Gender option on their passport. What they have now that most countries don’t have is the marker on the passport with options from, Male, Female and now indeterminate. It’s amazing that it can be possible to have gender indeterminate marker on any legal government forms and that’s in Australia.

Though in the United States, It is possible to change your gender marker on your passport, but for intersex people such as myself. It’s a long way from what the Australians have. In the United State, the only option is Male and Female, whereas in Australia they have the gender ‘indeterminate’ option. It’s a first for Intersex people to have legal and gender recognition anywhere on the globe. I also think for intersex people living in America. We have a long way to go before the United states allow ‘indeterminate’ gender on any US legal Document.

My hope is that maybe someday, the United states will follow the Australian lead and have the gender ‘indeterminate’ option on all state, federal and passport application. Though for now, I am happy that intersex people in Australia have that option and I hope that someday America has that option as well.