DADT ends for one, but still in effect for Intersex people

Today, The US Military ended Don’t ask Don’t tell for Gays and lesbian people. It is a major step forward for them, but sadly for Intersex people such as myself, Don’t ask Don’t tell still is in effect for Intersex people and for Intersex people in America we are still banned from serving in the US Military.  It’s a small hollow victory, but I still see it as the US military still two steps behind with the rest of the world.

It’s still very pitiful that the United States military bans intersex people from serving in the US military while their allies, in Canada, SpainCzech republic, Israel  and Thailand do allow intersex people to serve in their military. To me it’s only a hollow victory because the US military allowed Gays and lesbians to serve openly while still denying those who are born intersex to serve openly. To this day the US military still deny’s intersex people the opportunity to serve and it’s still very shameful in my eyes.

The way I see it, I highly doubt in my lifetime that I will be able to see the day that Intersex people are allowed to serve openly in the US Military. It will be a long time before that happens and I highly doubt that the US military will follow the lead of their allies in allowing intersex people to serve openly. To me, the end of DADT is not complete until they fully allow intersex people to serve openly and in my eye’s DADT is not dead yet. If any one thinks DADT is dead, then they need to look at intersex people and ask why are they not allowed to serve openly like everyone else.