College major change

Ok, One good thing I did for my college career is to change majors from one to the other. I started a Pre-nursing major and then to a Biology Major. Now I switched again to a Liberal arts major planing on graduating with a Bachelor’s of science in Liberal Arts.

I made the move because I may have issues with Math in a biology major and I wanted a major that prepares me for Graduated Physician Assistant school or Graduate Nurse Practitioner school. I wanted to focus on preparing for Physician Assistant school or Nurse Practitioner school. So by going towards a Liberal Studies Major, I can prepare more for Graduate Nurse Practitioner school and Graduate Physician Assistant School.

My hope is that I can start either Graduate school Nurse Practitioner school or Graduate Physician Assistant school In 2014 and be practicing by the time I am 40 yr’s old. Either as a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant.