What Makes Me Stand Out

I stand out by being younger than my age and looking a lot younger than my age. I can give that to being born with an Intersex condition called Kallmann’ s syndrome. Which as a result, I am a biological indeterminate gender and I have no gender to begin with. Though for the good side is, that I look younger than my age and most people especially women. Get shocked when I tell them how old I am and tell them I’m 35 yrs old. For me the shock is when people think I look like a 20 or 23 yr old.

So what makes me stand out is my youthful looks. The fact that I am younger looking than my age and that I can biologically look younger than anyone else. Which makes me a stand out when women see how young-looking I am for my age and it seems I stand out because I seem to never age no matter how people try to look young. When they see me and get shocked over how young I am.

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