Stand up and Speak up Against Bullying

I saw this on Anderson 360 on CNN tonight about how America is in an epidemic of bullying and I for one am totally against bullying. Even for me, I am a victim of bullying because someone on Youtube is stalking, harassing and bullying me via the Internet as well. I don’t tolerate bullying and I don’t tolerate anyone who uses the Internet to Harass, stalk and Bully people.

Bullying to me is wrong no matter what form it takes. The problem is, that in the age of social medial and the Internet. Bullying still goes on and no one has the galls and balls to Stand up to Bullies. Sites like Youtube, are allowing bullies to flourish and allowing bullies to bully people without consequences and repercussions.

Bullying to me is very wrong and to me is very criminal for anyone bullying anyone online.  People should not have to tolerate bullying and tolerate being bullied online. I don’t tolerate bullies and I don’t tolerate being bullied online. Sites like Youtube should have a zero tolerance on bullying and should be cracking down on bullying. Even everyone should have a Zero tolerance against bullying.

So here’s my PSA message