When I’m Super……….

I’m in the groove and in the zone. When I am working on something very deep and very hard, I am at my best and I am in the Zone. All it takes is loads of Coffee, patience and persistence. For me it’s all about being in the Zone, tunneling out all distraction and focusing like a laser on whatever I need to get done. It’s all about getting things done, concentrating on things such as working on my blog, playing Modern Warfare online or even out mt-biking along the trail.

It’s all about shutting off other parts of the brain to focus all the energy on one task or project at hand. It’s getting things done under pressure and at the drop of the hat. For me I’m use to pressure and being under pressure. That’s where I show I am at my best and for me, it’s where I really show the side of me that is serious and to the point.

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