Life as a Intersex college student

One thing about being born with an Intersex condition and being in college, is it presents a very unique set of problems that colleges and universities face when it comes to dealing with Intersex people  such as myself. It’s a challenge that universities face because how do you accommodate and care for intersex college students.

For me, being the only intersex person on my college campus, presents an unique set of challenges that I have to deal with such as where do I go to the bathroom on campus. If I wanted to play sports on campus, where would I fit in and If i wanted to be on the Campus Greek life such as a fraternity or sorority, where would I fit in. It’s very tough because of who I am and what I am born with. It makes tough for universities to try an accommodate me but they do their best.

One of the things that my university has is gender neutral housing, which allows LGBT students to live on campus in a gender neutral dorms and disregards gender. My university is on of the 3 in my state that have gender neutral housing. Also it has disability housing for those who have a disability such as for me, who is not only born intersex, but born hard heard of hearing as well. For me being born intersex, I am eligible for gender neutral housing, but at the moment, I have accommodations for my hearing disability as well.

As for my campus social life, I am very involve on campus including my disability group, my LGBT group on campus and even my Asian student group as well. The one thing as an Intersex person, I would like to do, is get involve with the campus Greek life, but being born intersex and a biological indeterminate gender. It would be an issue for them, because they would not know where to place an intersex person with no gender, such as with either a fraternity or a sorority. Even playing sports on campus would be a major issue and a problem for the university. Such as where would I play and which gender would I play with such as either on the girls team or the boys team. It would be a major issue and something I think universities need to be prepare for. Even going to the bathroom/locker room would be an issue for intersex people such as myself. So they try to accommodate for me and even make handicap bathrooms accessible for me or anyone.

As far as for me, as the only known biological born intersex person on campus. I’m very unique as a person and a curiosity for anyone who encounters me on campus. I even educate people on my college campus on intersex issues and what it means to be born intersex. It puts me in a position to educate and teach people what intersex is , what it means to be born intersex and how it relates to people and society.

For me, as an Intersex person, I think colleges and universities should be very accommodating towards intersex people. Even make places very accessible and offer gender neutral programs for intersex people. Allow intersex people to find their own niche on campus where they feel safe and supporting.