The art of a poetic writer

Writing for me is much an art as is therapy for me
It’s a release from all the pains and all the troubles in my life
It’s an escape from reality to another world that only I know and no one else
It’s writing all the pains that I feel within me
It’s telling my story as to how I feel
It’s letting all my emotions run raw
It’s letting go all my desires in my life
and opening all those wounds and scars that gnaw me

To write so poetic that is so therapeutic, is to digress from reality
To let go of all the things that bind us and hold us down
To let lose all our inhibitions and all our insecurities
To let it all go and to simply pour out your heart, mind and soul
Simply let it all out and let it all go
It’s simply letting it all out and letting everything be told
no matter how raw or how provocative it may be
It’s like getting a high unlike any other high

To write so therapeutic that is so poetic
Is to let everything go and leave it all behind
It’s to imagine all the possibilities and all the wonder
It’s to let your inhibitions go
and write so unadulterated that it defy’s logic and reason
To let your mind run wild like a raging bull
Even flowing like a river running wild.
Writing is a journey to a discovery of ones own self.

Writing all the emotions that rage within us
is like weaving all the threads of a story
When one writes, one has to let go everything
unshackle everything that holds us and binds us
Free your mind, heart and soul
and let it flow as your write your journey to yourself.
Let everything go including all those inhibitions and those unadulterated desires
and let the words speak for your heart and soul.

Writing is as much as an art as is poetic as is therapeutic
It’s freeing yourself and freeing all the things that hold us down
It’s letting us escape reality and into another world
Letting us live for one moment in time to a place
That is free from all the pains and scars within us.
Writing is much as a way to speak in ways only the
heart and soul can only say
To write so poetic is to write like a therapy session.