How I'd Like to Change the World

I would change the world by making the world more inclusive and make everyone understand one another and where they are coming from. The one way I would change the world, is I would make the world understand that Intersex people exist and that Intersex people are human beings like everyone else. I would change how the world treats intersex people and how they medically and scientifically treat intersex people. I would change how they view intersex people and how they see intersex people.

For me, the world does not see intersex people as people and by changing the world’s view on intersex people. Intersex people would be able to at least breathe and live in a world as close to normal as possible. It would make people see intersex people as people and not as oddities or freaks of nature. I would want the world to see intersex people as human beings and people like you and me, despite the fact that I am born differently than everyone else.

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