Shock and Awe Thanksgiving

Home for Thanksgiving break from College and it sure does feel different when your at home from being in a college dorm. One thing, is that things have surely changed with my family and it comes as a Major SHOCK and AWE. I always have thought that My younger brother and or me would be the first ones to get married and have a wife. The shock is my middle brother who not only slipped under the radar and slipped pass my folks.  He’s the first one in my family to get married and now has his wife living with him with my folks in the house.

It changes the whole family outlook and family dynamics on me. I always thought I would be the first one or my younger brother would. Not my middle brother and now the other shocker is that his wife’s now pregnant and now I look to the prospect of being an Uncle. My Thanksgiving break is turning out to be a major shock and awe for me and something that is blowing my mind right out the window here.

My folks are pissed because they didn’t know about it and now the prospect of having an addition to the family now changes the whole family dynamics on the account that my folks are retired and now puts me into a very difficult position being that I am in college as a junior and trying to finish my degree and get on to Graduate Nursing or Physician Assistant School.

It just makes you feel like, you came home to a family that is very different from the one you left with when you started college.  Though on the bright side, It makes me feel glad that I can never get a girl pregnant and knowing that I will always still be single and  looking for a girlfriend. That’s because being born intersex and with Kallmann’s syndrome, their is no way for me to ever get a girl pregnant. So for my folks, I am safe for now, but I think my folks maybe weary of my younger brother. Even though I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend and neither do I. For now, I’m glad that I’m not tied down by a girlfriend, not yet!.