My Top 3 Hobbies are

Skinny Dip

If anyone that knows me very well and very good. You would know what my top 3 hobbies are Fishing, Mt Biking and skinny-dipping. Those are outdoor hobbies because when the weather is warm enough and nice enough, I always hit the door and either go fishing to the lake, Mt Biking at one of my favorite trails or even go skinny-dipping at one of my private, top-secret locations. My top 3 hobbies are outdoor hobbies and are times when the weather is warm enough for me to have fun and escape the place.

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One thought on “My Top 3 Hobbies are

  1. Fishing is relaxing, but riding a bike up a way.
    Skinny dipping I have done when we lived in Spain and it was nice and warm. Bulgaria does not reach those temperatures and also I have a nosey neighbour.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.. I see that you only have 6 followers so I shall follow you too. That makes 7 which is a lucky number

    Have a great Christmas and enjoy whatever you are doing

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