Zero Tolerance for Cyber stalking and Cyber bullying

The one thing I do not tolerate online is when people who stalk, harass and bully other people. You see it online all the time and you see people stalk, harass and bully people online. You see it being done so much online that it makes you wonder whether society or a community as a whole as sunk to a new low or that people can’t learn to be civilized online and off line anymore. I also wonder why would society or any community tolerate anyone who stalks, harasses or even bullies someone over differences of opinion or views. Why do they tolerate them when they should have been booted out and made an example of by saying we don’t tolerate anyone who stalks, harasses or bullies anyone in their community or society.

I have even witnessed and also been the victim of someone online who is stalking and harassing me online. For me, I don’t tolerate it and I have a Zero tolerance for anyone who stalks, harass and bullies anyone online or off line. I am all for Freedom of Speech and the right to express your opinions and views, but when you cross that line into stalking, harassing and bullying someone. Over the fact that you don’t like the person or their views or beliefs. Then to me, that becomes a criminal issue and it also means that your committing a crime as well. Also I  believe that anyone who stalks, harasses and bullies someone online is committing a crime and should be prosecuted and  punished to the fullest extent of the law

With that, I want to let everyone know I am being stalked, harassed and bullied by someone online. I am not going to mention who they are and their names because I don’t give any stalkers, bullies or harassers any of them my benefit .The people that are stalking me are the ones who disagree with me over views and opinions. These are the ones who like to think that they are high and mighty believing that those who disagrees with them, should be run out of the community. There are even ones who have even threatened me and my safety as well. Even posting personal information for anyone to harm me, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I believe the reason why they are doing this, is because they either don’t like my views, opinions or beliefs about the intersex community and people who like to pretend to be intersex such as transgender people. Or they just don’t like the fact that I have an opinion that they don’t like and they hate people who oppose their views or beliefs. It’s simply hating people for who they are , what they are and what their opinions are. They attack, stalk, harass and bully people because they don’t have anything else to do with their lives or they simply are insecure of themselves when people speak their mind.

These people who that think that they can ruin my life. Run me off the internet or try to scare me off the internet. They think by posting harassing post or stalking me online is going to scare me. Well they better think twice because I am not that easily frightened or scared away that easily. I have very little patience or tolerance  for anyone who stalks, harasses or bullies me or any of my friends. Even when we have gay kids who are committing suicide because they are being bullied by people. I have Zero tolerance towards any bully who bullies, stalks or harasses anyone, straight, Intersex or gay. I simply don’t tolerate it and I have Zero Tolerance towards anyone that does it.

Those that do stalk, harass, and bully me, should think twice because in some places it can be a crime and you can be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even in some states and countries, it’s a crime and law enforcement can go after you if they find out or someone reports it. Those who have been stalked, harassed or bullied should never give up and should Stand tall and stand up to these bullies, stalkers and harassers. Cause in the end, what goes around comes around and karma is a bitch