The inner most secret

Inside my inner circle of life is only a select few who know me very well
Know me so intimately and down to the most minute details
Know all my faults
All my flaws
All my accomplishments
Even all my failures in life.
Know me so well that they can read me like a book
Can read all the signals
all the signs and even think what I am thinking
If you know me so well,
you know what I am going to say
What I am going to think
even what I am going to do next
Those that know me,
know what I say
what my line of though is
even know who my friends and enemies are
The ones that know me very well
know who my closes friends are
The ones who are close enough
to influence me
sway me
even convince me
If you know me well by now,
You know I consider my friends
To be as close as my family but not by blood but by friendship.
You know when you really know me
You know that you are close enough
to know my innermost thoughts
My desires
Even my dreams
If you know me very well
Then you know my most guarded secrets that only very few know
You know things that I won’t even acknowledge or say
cause it’s one that I will never tell and if i do
it’s only to those that are in my innermost circle.
If you really know me well
then you my friend know who I really am as a person

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