2012 New Year’s Resolution

Overall, my new years resolution for 2012 is to have fun and try to make the year my best year including forging ahead and blazing a new trail for me. That includes trying to get ahead in life and at least be very adventurous and have fun throughout the year. So here’s my list of things I want done for 2012;

1. Get good grades in college and finish my junior yr by the end of the yr and Keep my GPA above water line.

2 Try and find at least some work for the year in this tight and rough economy

3 Make one trip to a nudist resort for summer vacation

4. Avoid the Olympics like the plague.

5. Socialize more and be more active in all of my area.

6 Even getting out more often instead of being closed in

7 Publish poetry book and work on and work on a 4th book which will be a journal based book.

8 Look at hosting my own site and my own blog

9 Work out more and even get more outdoor time as possible

10. Travel a bit for vacation

11. Look at summer school such as study abroad or take summer programs at another college.

12. Go wardrobe shopping more often

13. Even try my luck at playing poker at the casino

14. Be more outgoing

15. Try and connect more with people

16.Br more independent

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