Community College Tuition and State University Fee Increases Approved

Community College Tuition, Fee Increases Approved –

As expected you knew this was going to happen and they voted for the increase in a rough economic times in this country. Now they raised tuition for the Connecticut state university system to 3.8 while the community college system to 3.1. That means starting in the fall of 2012 the price for going to either the Connecticut state university system or the Community college system is going to be sky high. What it roughly means is that people who attend or want to attend the Connecticut State university system, will now have to shell out $676 bucks more to attend the system. In the Community college system, they would have to shell out $108 bucks more to attend the community college system.

Now in this tight rough economy, who the hell has $676 to shove for the Connecticut State University system and $108 to the Community College system. I most certainly don’t and I bet the vast majority of the middle class in Connecticut doesn’t either. I bet people on both campuses are wondering how they are going to afford it for the coming fall semester. Some may drop out or some may transfer to a cheaper private college or out of state college to get their education.

With the tuition increase coming for the fall semester, I will bet that this will put more added pressure on students and families to find ways to fund their education and may end up forcing them to move to more cheaper and less expensive out of state colleges and possibly private colleges. I wouldn’t be surprise if enrollment dipped because the tuition increased and students & parents can’t afford to go to those schools. I would not be shocked or surprise that after hearing the tuition increase that students and parents are scrambling to find cheaper out of state colleges or Private colleges for the fall semester.

It makes you wonder where the tuition increase is going to and why increase tuition when everyone is hurting economically. Part of me knows that it’s a bad time to do this and part of me feels the pain that students and parents are hearing right now. Maybe it’s time to really jump ship and Bail out of Connecticut because the cost of living here is too much and the way they are treating people is totally wrong.