Student Says Professor Sexually Harassed Her

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Student Says Professor Sexually Harassed Her –

I’m not all surprise that this is going on at Southern Connecticut State University. After hearing this in the news and online, I would say that the  University has inept and incompetent people running the place. I definitely feel sorry for Wendy Wyler for having that professor ruin her college career and that the University didn’t fire him right there on the spot. I think the University is being lazy and being run by inept and incompetent people.  Only those in a clique are being allowed to run free and even allowed to do as they please at the University. Maybe this is why the University is in decline.

You know if this happened off campus in the corporate real world, You know someone would be suing the company and someone would be fired right on the spot. But you know what it’s a State College and it would take a long time to get rid of a professor after being sued for sexual harassment. I also know after the University and the State finish paying the lawsuit, guess who suffers in the end. The Taxpayers and the University Students who will face another tuition hike, just to pay off the lawsuit.

My Suggestion to Board of regents, is to clean house, get rid of the sick, lame and lazy people working at the Connecticut State university system. Do a completely major overhaul on the State university education system and weed out those who don’t want to do their job and get rid of the lame, lazy and even those who don’t help students succeed. Hire innovative and professors who do want to be their and want to see students graduate.

Here’s the video from WTNH on the Lawsuit and I am not surprise about that as well