Feb 14, the holiday I hate so much

Today is Feb 14 and I won’t be saying what it is because as a Single person, it’s a holiday I hate so much and despise of. It’s one of those holidays that is made for couples and those who are getting married. Single people like me despise Feb 14 and wished we had our own National Holiday. The one thing I don’t like about Feb 14 is the fact that it highlights the wrongs of being single and being the only one. It just makes being single a bad thing for this day.

One thing I believe single people should have to counter Feb 14 is a National Singles Day to celebrate being single and those not in a relationship. Singles should have their own holiday to counter those who are married and in a relationship as well. As a Single person, I am all for having a National Singles Day to celebrate being single. It’s something that Singles should be advocating and something we should have as Singles. I know finding the right one is tough and that being single is tough but if we had a day for single people. It would surely show and highlight Single people and those who are Single or those who are single and trying to find the right one.

Today, Single people like me must feel like were lonely because we don’t have anyone to celebrate with and I’m with them on this one. I think single people should get-together on this day and celebrate with a dinner with all their single friends and have a dinner celebrating their Singlehood and being Single. As for me, I make no mention of the holiday and I make no reference of it. I wipe it out of my memory banks and don’t even think about it or even mention it.