Vimeo booted a user for whistleblowing a user

Folk’s, I just wanted to let you know that a video hosting service Vimeo has booted a me for whistle blowing to them about a user who has posted videos of naked people including little kids under the guise of medical education. The user who is posting those vids, that he can’t post on Youtube is from New Zealand and is a known Youtube nut job.

Now we all know nudity of any kind is not allowed on Youtube and on most US-based Video hosting sites. Now Vimeo, which is based in New York City, is allowing a user who is known on youtube as a stalker, harasser and cyber bully to host videos of naked people including children on their Vimeo’s hosting site. Now what Vimeo is doing clearly violates their terms of service on explicit and sexual content and quiet possibly the law as well.

I have to wonder why would Vimeo would drop an account for someone who told them about a user who is clearly violating their Terms of service and quite possibly the Laws in the US. I think Vimeo doesn’t like it that people like me are telling them the truth about their crappy service and that they are allowing explicit and sexual content that would not be allowed on Youtube that they seem to blindly be ok with. What Vimeo is doing by allowing a curtain user to post on their site, I’d be locked up by now for that crap. It goes to show that Vimeo is very crappy and in my opinion is full of themselves.

As far as recommending Vimeo to anyone, I will never, ever recommend Vimeo to anyone because they booted me for whistle blowing them about their sexual, graphic naked content on their site. They allowed users to post graphic sexual content on their site that would never be allowed on Youtube. This is why I don’t do any videos and I mostly do live casting shows. If I were anyone who still uses Vimeo, If you have any moral fiber, I would remove your videos and move to another hosting site that is better than Vimeo.

The user that Vimeo is allowing to post Graphic nudity including kids is on this site: