High cost to medications and the choices to make

Today, I found out how bad things can be when you don’t have Health Insurance to cover your medications that you are required have. I went today to the pharmacy to get my prescription and found out my meds are on hold because of the health insurance issues. What I was trying do, was to get my Androderm 2.5mg medication and when I found out my Health insurance was on hold because of some issues, I was pissed that I wasn’t getting my medication because I have to fix my state Health insurance issues before I can get my meds. On top of that, If I wanted to pay for it out of pocket, It would cost me $300, for which I don’t have $300 on hand.

As a result, I am running out on my Androderm 2.5mg medication and scrambling to get a hold of state social services to help me get my my medications. I am trying to figure out how to come up with $300 for medication and it’s forcing me to make a choice, put food on the table or pay for the medications. On top of that I have to figure out how to get Health insurance since I don’t have health insurance and now have to worry if I get sick or injured, how am I going to pay for the medical bills.

It makes you wonder why I live in a country that has the best medical system in the world, but won’t provide even the basic medical coverage for everyone including prescription medication. It boggles my mind and it sometimes makes me wonder how can anyone afford medical care when no one has the money for it. For me it’s hard to pay for medical care when you have to worry about putting food on the table or having a place to sleep at nite. As of right now, I have to worry about finding decent medical care and medical insurance and still put food on the table. What I think this country should do is give people in this country basic decent medical coverage and if they want extra, they would pay for it on their own.

So for now, I am without health insurance until I get that fixed or taken care of and find a way to pay for my high cost of Androderm 2.5mg which is at $300 a box. I have to take that because of my Intersex condition which is Kallmann’s syndrome. Without it, I just won’t make  through the day or have the energy to make it through the day.