Lawmakers consider opening college courses to everyone

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I saw this article in the Connecticut Mirror today and this really peaked my interested. What it boils down to is that Lawmakers in Connecticut want to make college available to everyone. Even get rid of the so called “pop quiz” which is the Accuplacer exam that they give to anyone entering the community college. Some people think that the Accuplacer demeans them or even encourages them to drop out of college. Some even call remedial course the “Bermuda Triangle” of college and that is because only 13.6% graduate from college with a degree. Which as a result, hurts America’s and Connecticut’s college completion graduation rates.

I totally agree that they need to get rid of the Accuplacer  exam because it’s demeaning and it hinders college success. It then forces them to drop out of they are forced to take remedial classes. As a result it hurts the college students chances of getting a college degree and in the long run it would cost them more money to get the degree if they are constantly paying to take remedial classes before they take any college classes. As a result, it’s costing the student more money and more time spent in remedial classes than in classes that would get their degree and out working faster. When they can be spent in actual college classes and working towards their degree instead being wasted on in remedial classes. Why then are taxpayers are paying for this, when we should be finding ways of making education more streamlined and gets students to graduate faster and on time. Even boost our countries college graduation completion rates. This is why remedial classes hinder college completion rates and graduation rates.

Their is also a bill pending in the State this spring that would ban colleges from forcing students to enroll in remedial classes prior to taking a college credit classes. Which I fully support because it no only hinders college success, it’s also a money waster and a time waster as well. It encourages college drop out and doesn’t encourage college success and college graduation. It only makes it harder for them to graduate on time and out in the working world. Why would taxpayers want to pay for colleges that don’t graduate people on time or don’t find innovative ways to educate people and even using the latest and greatest technology to help students graduate on time and out in the working world.

One thing I am all for, is overhauling our higher education system. Get rid of remedial classes and classes that hinder college graduation rates. The reason is were competing with countries that graduate more people with college degrees such as India, China and the Philippines faster than anyone else.  If you look at India, they graduate more Doctors, scientist and engineers faster than America can. Even in the Philippines which graduate more nurses than in America. If you wonder why, those countries cut down the crap classes that you don’t need and only make you take that is required for a degree and a license to practice. Those countries don’t pay for needless classes and only pay what is required to graduate and go to work. That’s why countries like India, the Philippines and China are able to push out more college graduates than the US. It’s why America and the states need to overhaul their higher education system and be able to compete with countries like China and India.

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