New amphibious truck targeted to first responders

I saw this online and can you imagine every Fire Dept and even the US Coast Guard getting a hold of this toy. This amphibious toy is something that every fire dept and even the US Coast Guard should consider getting. It’s perfect for near shore SAR, Law enforcement operations and for Water rescues and Disaster Response.

The company that builds this is called Gibbs Technologies and This is something that may shape the future of water rescues and disaster response. I can see the US Military getting a hold of this and using this for their Amphibious operations. Even the US Coast Guard may have a use for Amphibious tucks for a wide variety of roles and missions.

I think the US Coast Guard should consider getting something like this, as part of their Small Boat Response or Disaster response boat as well. It’s something that they can use in places like flooded ares such as during Hurricane Katrina or even the winter floods in North Dakota. Even on the rivers, it’s perfect for patrol and response as well.

Here’s the link to the article :