Vegas vacation, so far

English: Las Vegas Strip
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So far, vacationing in Las Vegas is cool. Got to see family that is here and know that I have family in Las Vegas, if I ever want to hangout with them. I am right now on vacation with the folks and to me, it’s more like I am chaperoning them and making sure they are not getting into any mischief. Though for me, I just wish I had time for myself as well. Maybe time to gamble on the Las Vegas Strip and even time to stop by and see those guys on that History Channel Show, Pawn Stars.  Though so far, I got to see Las Vegas. I now can say I rode from Las Vegas to San Diego.  Got to see how vast the desert is and even made a pit stop in Barstow, CA.

One thing for me, I sometimes need to take a vacation away from my folks and I wish I can take a vacation on my own. Though for me, that is unlikely for the foreseeable future though, maybe some day I can see about taking a Vacation and even a naked vacation.

For now, I am enjoying my time in Las Vegas and in San Diego. I know the road trip is a pain and one of them is my folks acting like a tourist and not like a local.  One thing I plan to do before I leave Las Vegas is that I am going to try my luck at the Casino and see if I can go home as a millionaire or go home broke.