My time in Calfornia

While I was in Las Vegas, my folks and relatives decided to take a road trip to see San Diego because they have never seen San Diego. Driving from Las Vegas to Barstow, Ca, it was like driving in the middle of nowhere. It was flat out desert with nothing but sand, mountains and desert. The drive was amazing because I never seen a desert environment and it was like stepping in another country. When we got to Barstow, Ca, it was like a town in the middle of nowhere. I wondered how the heck people survive in a town in the middle of nowhere between Las Vegas and San Diego. The drive into San Diego was like going from the middle of nowhere to an island town, to the middle of nowhere. Building up to where you start to see some signs of civilization.

Once we got into San Diego, it was very interesting city. It was like you felt summer, even thought it was in the middle of February. It had it’s warm days where you thought it was summer even though it was winter back east in New England. one thing I have to say about San Diego, is that it is a nice city with the beaches and mix of people. The one thing I didn’t like about California is their very high Sales Tax on items you buy at the store. I was shocked at how much sales tax is collected on stuff and compare that to Connecticut’s 6.35%. It makes Connecticut feel more affordable than California. I nearly had a heart attack when someone told me how much Sales Tax is collected in California and in the back of my mind, I knew that Connecticut was more affordable than California.

I’d have to say, that California is nice to visit, but with their 7% Sales tax, I sure would not want to live or go to college in California. It would make living in California a very expensive state to live in, work in or go to College in. It’s already expensive  because of the bad economy, but if your living in California with a 7% sales tax, then it makes it really expensive and very hard to live in California. I think if California wants to attract more people, then they should find ways to lower their sales tax or even find ways to be competitive with other states.

One thing I have to say about my visit into California is that It is a vast and HUGE state and it feels like a your entering a foreign country. San Diego is a nice city and if I ever get a Military job or a Government job in San Diego, I would not mind living in the San Diego area. Though in Reality, I’m a New Englander and I will always like my East Coast life.