Stupidity knows no bounds here

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After reading this article in the Hartford Courant about how one State legislator from Connecticut, now want’s to put a Tax on Ebooks, Digital Downloads, Music, and even SmartPhone Apps. I have to wonder how much more are they going to tax people right out of Connecticut and Run people right out of Connecticut. I know this state is desperate for money and they recently Ran out and all those online based business out of Connecticut. Even raised the sales tax to 6.35%. Now after hearing that Rep. Patricia Widlitz wants to tax people for buying an Ebook, Download music or even smartphone apps. I gotta wonder, how much more can the people of Connecticut take before we all say enough is enough.

Were already taxed to the bone  already and now some state democrat of all people wants to impose a tax on people for buying ebooks, music, and even smartphone apps. This is getting to be very, ridicules and way out of hand. I know they are trying to drive people out of Connecticut and they did that to Online based business and Now they want to further drive the middle class of Connecticut out of the State by taxing what the use and enjoy. It seems the Democrats in my state want to suck the life out of the middle class and push them into the poor class.

I just have to wonder how much more can this state tax people before the people of Connecticut wise up and leave for states that tax you less. What Connecticut is doing is basically taxing people right out of Connecticut and the people left are the very poor or the very rich. I’m shocked that a Connecticut democrat would propose this tax on people. It’s already bad enough as it is and any more, it make me consider leaving Connecticut and going to states that have less taxes.

Here’s the link to the article :,0,1564919.story