My Take on the Tyler Clementi case

My take on the Tyler Clementi case and Dharun Ravi conviction on the case  is that this serves as a wake up call to everyone in this country. That Bullying of any kind is wrong and you can wind up in court and possibly in prison as well.  It’s tragic that it had to take something like Tyler Clementi  to show how bad bullying has become in American Society and as a Result, it took a court case to send a message that the courts in this country won’t tolerate bullying and are willing to send anyone to prison for bullying someone.

What this Tyler Clementi case showed, is that Courts in this country are not going to tolerate bullying of any kid and they are not hesitant of send a message to society. That if you Bully someone, you can wind up in Court and possibly in prison with a criminal record. That New Jersey case sends a message to bullies and Society that they are not going to tolerate bullying of any kind and will send any bully to prison to send a message  of no tolerance to bullying.

What people need to think about, in the age of Social media and internet technology today. Everything is fair game in the court of Law. If you bully someone, you can potentially see yourself in court and having your whole life in front of the judge and having to explain why you bullied someone and begging the judge not to send you to prison.

Now since the Tyler Clementi  suicide and Dharun Ravi conviction this week. Down the road States around the country or even the Federal Government may enact laws against bullying of any kind and can result a harsh prison sentence. Some state may even crack down on bullies by putting a bully registry in the same way as a sex offender registry for people convicted of bullying people. Since the Tyler Clementi  suicide, New Jersey has the toughest ant Bullying  law in the nation. Even in Maryland, has a law pending this year where if you harass, stalk or bully anyone online. You can be charged with a crime and be sent to prison.

It just goes to show, that states are now taking a strong stance against bullying and eventually they make bullying a felony with prison time and possibly put on some type of registry. After Tyler Clementi  suicide, states in this country are not going to tolerate bullying from kids and adults and they won’t hesitate to send people to prison for bullying people.