My continued problems with the Connecticut Dept of Social services.

It’s been  since December 2012 that I have been without health insurance of any kind and the Connecticut dept of social services giving me the fakking run around. I am getting conflicting information and no one at CT DSS is not giving me a straight answer. I am getting conflicting answers from one end and another end. I have been calling them almost every day and going to the office at least once a week trying to get answers and to no avail. I am almost at my end at how the state of Connecticut and the Dept of Social service is treating me.

It is pissing me off that the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Dept of Social services is not doing a damn thing to help. I have been without health insurance and without the ability to pay for my medications. As a result, I have been without my Androderm medications, which cost me up to $330 for a 60 day supply. I am very angry at how the State of Connecticut, the Dept of social services have treated me and frankly I feel I am being mistreated, discriminated and even given the run around for who I am.

I have been trying to get help from anyone including calling on my state legislators such as State Sen Jason Welsh to which they don’t see to care or bother to listen to me. At this point, I am feeling like the State of Connecticut has simply ignored me, discriminated against me and mistreated me. All because I am an intersex person who requires HRT to have some normal semblance. It pisses me off that I am having to fight the State of Connecticut and the Dept of Social service to get them to cover me.

The way they treated me, is beyond disgusting. I am calling them almost everyday, having to end up leaving a message or I can’t leave a message because their voicemail is full. I am having a hard time trying to get a hold of my DSS worker, which becomes physically impossible. Even when you go to the office in person, your standing in line for hours waiting to get an answer which, then tells you one thing. Then come back the next day, they say something else.

I am pissed at how this state treats me and this is why I don’t vote Democrat or Republican anymore. I vote independent because how the two parties in this country is treating me and every intersex person in this country. I have to wonder is this what my tax dollars is being spent on. Heck the State DMV has better response than the State DSS. It’s very pitifully of how they treated me. I am ashamed at the state I live in can treat people like this withhold people’s health and medical needs. All while people like me are suffering with out proper medical care and proper medication.

This is why as soon as I get my college degree, I’m getting the hell out of Connecticut because it cost to much to live here, Jobs are scarce in this state and how they mistreated people like me.  If I had a choice where I want to go, maybe the mid-Atlantic region such as Maryland, Virgina,  Pennsylvania, or the Carolina’s.