Life without androderm

Life without my Androderm patches is kinda rough for me, being that I don’t have health insurance of any kind and that all my paperwork with the Ct Dept of Social services is in limbo. It’s been tough without health insurance because to pay for the cost of medications without health insurance is almost $300 for a 60 day supply. On top of that, I have bills for tuition deposit for college and pay for License for summer work. So for me, I live in a very bad situation with no way out or no opportunity.

It’s hard since I don’t have health insurance or means to pay for college or for my RX prescriptions. I’ve been waiting since December for the State of Connecticut to help me cover for my medications and my mounting medical bills. It seems like they take forever and by the time I they get to me, I may not be in the best health ever. The State of Connecticut and the Dept of Social Services has literally put my life and my health in great danger.

Now for me, the biggest thing I have to worry about, is not getting sick or injured. I hope and pray everyday that I don’t wind up in the hospital, because I can’t afford the hospital bill because I don’t have health insurance to cover it. It’s tough for me, and sometimes very stressful because every time I have call CT dept of Social services, I am given the complete runaround and given conflicting stories. I don’t get any straight answers and they keep stalling me and keeping in limbo. Which puts my health in limbo. It pisses me off that, is this is what the taxpayers of Connecticut paid for.

I’ve even asked for help from my State legislator, but it seems like I get nothing out of that. It seems like as a State resident, I don’t matter to the state legislators that I voted into the state. To me, it’s like why do I vote for them, when they are not turning the favor by helping me out in my time of need. It seems my vote was all for nothing.

I feel like the State of Connecticut Dept of Social Services has failed it’s mission and is putting the life and health of people in great danger. The people running the Dept of Social services are worse than the Postal service or the DMV. They complain that they don’t have not enough money or not enough people, but when you see them at work, they don’t do their job and treat people like me with disrespect and put people with medical issues in danger.  This is why, I don’t like how Connecticut is treating me and I feel that Dept of Social services is discriminating me and putting my health in danger.