Nicky, Intersex Naturist

Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy Naturist c...
Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy Naturist camp. Français : Piscine dans le camping naturiste des Monts de Bussy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s no surprise to many people and to my friends, that I am born with an Intersex condition and a naturist as well. I have been a nudist pretty much since pre-teen days and had no shame of my body. I’ve enjoyed being out nude and even gone skinny dipping as well. I have never gone to a nudist resort, but being from New England, I have gone to many places where I can go skinny dipping in lakes, ponds, rivers and even streams.

Being born with an intersex/DSD condition and being a nudist, I have no shame and no issues with my body. In fact I’m quite accepting of my body and all the flaws, imperfection and uniqueness in my body. Within nudism, their is a concept of body acceptance and acceptance of others. Even as someone who is born intersex/DSD, it is kind of hard to be accepted in the nudist community. That’s largely because your invisible, unknown and sometimes ignored. As an intersex/DSD nudist, It’s even harder because in the nudist community, you clearly know what male and female looks like. With me, it’s even harder because I clearly don’t fit the male and female mold. Even with my body, it’s not the typical male and typical female boy.

Even being an intersex nudist, I am a rarity within the nudist community because you have male and female nudist. Even LGBT nudist and rare trans nudist. With me, I am much more rarer within the nudist community because it’s unheard of for intersex people to be nudist. That’s because being born intersex/DSD, some have body issues and issues with themselves. As oppose to me, being a nudist and being born with an intersex/DSD condition, I don’t have any shame with my body and I don’t have any body image issues. I come to quite acceptance of my body with all it’s flaws, imperfections and uniqueness.

It’s one thing I learn as a intersex nudist to accept about my body and accept it for what it is. It’s never going to change and i have learned through nudism to like my body no matter what it looks like or what my gender is. I have to say, that I am unique in the nudist community being born with an intersex/DSD condition and not being either male or female.

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  1. How about skim problems but mine part of me shows on my Facebook profile which do not show up at least and covered my lap as not to show because of Facebook rules. My wife took the photo of me and he is clothed. Just shows my chest and face. Also my pot belly does not show.
    Great article and looks like a nice place to be. Even to sit by the pool. I do not know how to swim though.

  2. Hi,
    Fantastic write up of why naturism is not bothered with what you look like but what you feel like. I am inspired by your text and will try to inspire others with it too. My first social naturist event included a blind woman who could see no one and yet enjoyed nude running (with a partner) therefore inspired me in a similar way.
    best wishes,

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