Last day at being 35 yrs old

Ya know one thing about being 35 is that not the same as 25 or 15. It’s different and different for me cause I grew up in a much earlier generation than today. The one thing I still shake off all the time is when people ask how old I am and I give them the shock and awe as to how old I am vs how old I look. So no matter how old I get, I am still 10 years younger looking and I can chalk that up to being Asian and being born with an Intersex medical condition.

The surprisingly  is that tomorrow is my birthday I am going to be 36 yrs old and for me,I don’t see myself getting any older and I don’t even see any gray hair as of yet. So lucky for me, when I do hit 40, I’ll still be young looking and still shock the hell out of people as how I can still look young no matter how old I get. On my birthday, I do share the same birthday with quite a few celebrities including Janet Jackson, Ralph Tresvant, Megan Fox & Tori Spelling. So I have a birthday I share with famous celebrities as well.