Summer plans

This summer for me, I am going to be very busy. I know I would normally tell ya what I would be doing this summer, but since I have critics and one crazy lunatic from New Zealand. Who likes to stalk, and harass me. I don’t post my details of my summer plans anymore. for the reason because I don’t want anyone including that crazy New Zealand lunatic to find out.

I don’t plan to say much as to what I am doing for the summer. Other than I’ll be very busy during the summer. I know I have other projects to take care of such as taking college classes online, finishing up my poetry book and even trying to fit in some time for myself as well. For my upcoming summer, I try to stay busy as much as I can. I try to be active and be more outdoors. Now with my IPOD touch, I am not tied down to my computer that often. So It would give me more time for me to spend outdoors and purse all the fun things in New England.

At the same time, I would be getting ready to get back to College and going back to college after a 8 month vacation from College. My summer would be to prepare for the Fall semester and get ready for going back to college. I know what college where I’ll be going, but as I have said, I will be keeping that a secret and quietly because of you know who.