What nudism means to me

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A while back on May 9,  I wrote a blog post about  me being  an intersex naturist and how rare I am as being the only intersex person who is comfortable in their own skin. Also being the only known intersex person who’s a nudist in a nudist community. Now I am going to talk to you about what nudism means to me as an intersex person. and how it can it can help those born with intersex conditions to overcome their issues with their body.

Now for me, in the beginning, I was never comfortable with my body. After all I was always subjected to being poked, prodded and viewed as a Lab Rat by medical doctors. In that time I was very insecure about my body and that was because I was not comfortable with what I was born with and had a hard time understanding what the doctors were doing to me back then. As I started to grow up, I started to learn more about my body and who I am. I started to understand my body and as I became more accepted of my body. Little by little, I became more accepted of my body. At that time in my teenage years, i started to go out skinny dipping with my friends. Being that I live in New England, it was a very common thing for teenagers to go Skinny dipping at the local lake, pond or river.

So at that time, that’s when I got introduced to nudism and naturism. I started to learn about body acceptance, accepting my body for what it is and even learning that no body is ever the same. As I got into nudism, I learned to accept my body despite all it’s flaws including having a micropenis, wide-female like hips and even the looks of younger looking than your age. I come to terms with the fact that my body is not going to be as normal as everyone else’s. I learned to accept what I am born with and learned to deal to accept my body for what it is.

As an intersex person, born with Kallmann’s syndrome, accepting what your born with is one of the hardest, if not the most difficult thing that an intersex person has to face and deal with in their lifetime. It’s why for me, being a nudist, helps me accept my body and helps me understand that all bodies come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have a male body, female body or even an intersex body. You learn to just accept what your born with and learn to deal with.

What nudism dose for me is that, I learn to accept my body for what it is and learn to deal with what I have. I don’t need to be ashamed of what I have or don’t have. I learn to accept what I am born with and what my body looks like. Even nudism have taught me to accept all body types and all body parts and all body flaws and body defects. The one thing I can say for intersex people, is that give nudism a try and let nudism show you about body acceptance and accepting your own body. Nudism has taught me to accept my body for what it is and it’s something that Intersex people can learn from nudism about body acceptance and learning to accept and deal with what you have.

It’s why Nudism for me has taught me to accept my body for what it is and accept all my flaws and what I am born with. It’s why I learned to accept my body and accept who I am  as an intersex person and the only known intersex nudist in a naturist community.

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