Review of Warzone 2100 Game

If you all never heard of this game, it’s because it’s an open source game that anyone can modify. The Game I am going to review for you all is called Warzone 2100. It’s a real-time strategy based game that I have on my laptop and I’ve been playing with it for a while. It’s very good and interesting to play.

Warzone 2100 screenshot
Warzone 2100 screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short synopses of the game, It sets the game in the late 21st century where NASDA developed a nuclear tipped satellite missile defense system and ground based system. During the maintenance, something went wrong and that’s where the game starts the player off.

Now as for the game, I have played it a couple of times. It is hard to understand at the beginning and after a while you get the hang of it. The one thing I liked about the game is that you can make your own Tanks and Aircraft. I tried to mirror mines as close to realism as possible and use real world military tactics to the game. The game forces you to think and you have to think two steps ahead in order to stay on top of the game. What I liked about the game was that you can play many different maps people make and even play online against your friends. Though I have not tried multi-player because I don’t have any friends to play online with.

As for the single player game, it is fun, though I have to say in the last stage of the game, their are some hiccups that I think the game designers need to fix. Such as when you have to decipher the NASDA code, they don’t have a screen showing the progress of the decipher. It leaves you guessing as how long it’s taking. The other is they should have fixed the game to allow people to put mods in single player game more easily. I also think they need to incorporate the ability to control the artillery in the game and even allow for the control of the vehicles in the game as well.

Here’s a screenshot of what the game looks like

In my opinion, Warzone 2100 is a very good real time strategy game to play. I liked the way you can set up your pieces in the game. The Game is ever changing and should make it where it changes as the player get’s better and better. It’s a game I would add to any computers collection if you want a game without the huge cost and as far as for my laptop, i have not seen any adverse problems and it works perfectly on any system, Mac or PC.  I give it 4 out of 5 because it is a good game to play with, but i think it needs to be tweaked a bit to make it better. Overall, It’s good and I like to play it every now and then.

Here’s the link to the Game site: