College orientation

Today I had one of the longest orientation at college ever. I had orientation at college today and I am not naming the college I go to because I want that to be kept confidential and on a need to know basis because of a curtain person who I don’t want to find out. In any case it was a fun day on campus and got to meet people.

As for the orientation, it was very nice and It was very long. I had paperwork that need to be taken cared of. It was also where I got my College ID and registered for my 15 credit load as well. At the same time, I got to sample dorm food, which I believe is ok and my stomach is still intact. As for seeing what my dorm room will look like, I got to see what my dorm room looked like and I am already thinking of several ideas as to how to decorate it and even make it look good. The campus overall is very nice, it is smaller and the people were very friendly and approachable.

As far as College orientation goes, it’s just your typical college orientation. Getting you introduced to the college and getting you familiarized with the college community. The one thing I did like about it was registering for college classes and getting my classes for the fall semester. One thing I have to consider getting for campus, is either a Moped or a Mt Bike for the campus. At least it gives me transportation around campus and around the area.