Facing down barriers

To me, I faced down a lot of barriers in my life. I have faced every obstacle and every challenge that came my way. Along the way I have notches on my belt including from being Laotian American, Asian American. To being hard of hearing in my right ear to being born with Kallmann’s syndrome, which is an intersex condition.  For me, I have been their and done that and as a result, I have been able to rise above the challenge and able to overcome barriers and obstacles that have stood in my way.

A lot of my friends  and closest friends know I am a survivor and a fighter. I won’t go down without a fight and I go down swinging. I have learned the hard knocks of Life and learned not to take everything for granted. I learned to deal with the cards of life and what I have been given from birth. I have learned to use those notches on my belt as an advantage rather than a hindrance. I learned to rise above those notches and learned to excel in them.

For me I have rises above those notches on my belt and did things that no one has ever expected out of me. Being an accomplished poet and a writer, to being one of the few Laotian Americans who is a Firefighter and an EMT. On top of my Hard of Hearing in my right ear and my Kallmann’s syndrome intersex condition. I have done things that no one will ever do in their life time. I have experienced things that no average person would want to do. I have been part of things no person would ever want to do.

For me, I learn to rise above expectations and the norms. I face barriers as a challenge and face them head on. I dealt with being hard of hearing in my right ear. I have dealt with Kallmann’s syndrome and being born with an Intersex condition. To me, I have dealt with everything in life and learned to cope with it better than everyone else. I don’t make it a hindrance or an issue cause you only live once and you make the most of what cards you have to play with. So if I have to face a barrier in my way, I face it as a challenge and face it head on and I never back down from a challenge.