My Top 5 Strengths

For me, my top 5 strengths are creativity, opinionated, dedicated, determined and very outspoken. These are the top 5 strengths that make me unique among people.

I am a very creative person. I am creative in how i get things done and keep things very simple and to the point. Even as a poet, I am very creative in my writing and it shows in my writing style.

As far as determined, I have the drive to keep going and never quit. I am very stubborn in what I do and I know what I want and know how to get it.

I’m a very dedicated person and in my line of work, I am very dedicated to what I do and I am very involve in my line of work.

I’m them most outspoken person you will ever know. When things need to be said and said at the right time. I will say it until someone hears of it. I am very outspoken on issues and concerns as well.

This then falls into being very opinionated as well. I tell it like it is and I never sugarcoat anything. I believe in being up front about things and calling it as I see it type person. It’s why for me, when i have an opinion on something, I make well known on what my views and opinions are

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