Summers Arrival

English: View of Franconia Ridge Trail looking...
English: View of Franconia Ridge Trail looking south. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer has arrived here in New England and it’s that time of the year when people are outside during the New England summer. You have kids going off to Summer camp. People going out to the beaches in New England such as heading off to Cape Cod National Seashore. People out fishing and swimming in the lakes, rivers and streams. It’s summer in New England when you have people out to the beach or fishing for that largemouth bass, Catfish or even Panfish. It’s New England when people are having cook outs, barbeques and even out for a trip to a minor league  baseball game or even to a 4th of July party. Summer in New England is the best time of the year to hang out and have fun in the outdoors. It’s the best time to relax and have fun as well.