imo Instant messanger, the best so far review

Out of all the apps I have on my IPOD Touch 4G, imo Instant messenger has to be the best app for all in one instant messengers ever. I started using imo instant messenger after I got sick an tired of all the ads in the other apps, clogging the system. So when I saw imo, i gave it a try and let me just say WOW is the word. It was ad free app and it didn’t eat up my IPOD Touch.

What imo Instant messenger is, an app for any smartphone or IPOD. It’s also an all in one instant messenger that takes every instant messenger from Google Talk, Skype to even AOL AIM instant messenger and combines them into one. By far, imo is the best instant messenger by far and is one of those is simply and not too complex. I have imo instant messenger on  my IPOD Touch 4G and so far, I have no complaints or issues with imo.

Here’s a video describing imo instant messenger

One feature that I like about imo instant messenger is voice message. imo let’s you send a voice message instead of typing it out. It’s a cool and unique feature of imo that i am very fond of. It allows me to send a voice message via IM and not have to worry about making a typing error. I know we live in an era of texting to people and with imo’s voice instant message, I know this will help cut down on the number of message errors.  I also like the fact that imo integrates all my instant messengers into one and works seamlessly across all platforms from IPHONE, IPAD to even Blackberry and Androids. It’s a messenger that works well and it works as promised.

For one, I like imo instant messenger on my IPOD touch 4G and it works very well on IPOD as well. It is the best instant messenger for smartphones around and one I would highly recommend to anyone to get. It’s got my vote for being the best instant messenger for smartphones and tablets and one I would recommend to anyone.

So if you want an instant messenger on your smartphone or tablet and hate to lug all the others and clog up your system. I highly recommend imo instant messenger because it’s ad free, it’s lightweight and takes any instant messenger platform online. It is very reliable and I like imo’s voice messenger feature.

Here’s the link to imo Instant messenger :