Days before the Internet

Internet Tethering

The days prior to the Internet coming to my home were in the 1990’s when the Internet was mainly in schools and colleges.Most people back then could not afford the Internet or the computer. Though as prices for computers went down and the Internet becoming more common. It soon started to march into people’s homes and into people’s lives.

For me, the day’s before the Internet came home, in order for me to access the internet online, i either had to use it in college class or reserve time in the local Library. You have to reserve an hour to use the internet at the library. At the time the internet was largely text-based and started to get color screened. Even printing messages where largely dot matrix before they came to color printing. It meant back in those days, if you wanted to look up something online, you had to either look it up in college or in the local Library.

Nowadays everyone in America has some form of access to the Internet, either from their smartphones, tablets or Laptops. Though, some who can’t afford it, still go to their local library to use the internet to access online. As for me, when the Internet came home, it meant I no longer had to go out to look up stuff online. Now with WiFi beginning available, I can take my IPOD touch anywhere and look up stuff, when a free WIFI hotspot is available.

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