How to Turn a Flat screen TV in to a computer TV

A while ago, I was asked by my folks to turn a flat screen TV into an entertainment TV. What I  created was an entertainment TV with the capability to Skype from the Living room and watch movies and live internet TV shows from Thailand. It was a way for them to have a computer in the living room and that they can Skype people from the living room as well. Here’s what I created from the Living room of the house with the picture’s below,

What I created was a Computer TV in the living room, that my folks can use in the living room to Skype people and even look for stuff online. It mirrors the future of TV being more than a TV. It’s now an entertainment Tv and Video phone using Skype and oovoo. On top of that , a computer with massive amounts of screen.

The way I pulled it off, is that I took your standard Sony 32 inch flat screen TV and started adding stuff to the TV such as the getting a HP Slimline Pavilion S5-1204 Desktop that has one terabyte and 4 GB of RAM.

Then I added NetGear‘s dual WIFI modem/ Ethernet HUB. It also extends the range of the WIFI in the house and made the WIFI in the house a lot stronger.

Then I added a Webcam that has Wide screen capability and able to see all the way in to the Dining room. The web cam sits on top of the TV and is what makes an ordinary Flat screen TV into a Smart computer TV.

Then I added my standard Remote Keyboard, Remote Mouse and PC Speakers. The PC speakers were because the Speakers on the TV were not strong enough for the PC and the PC speakers helped boost the Computer and TV Speakers. I used a Monster Cable and a cable to link the computer to TV using a standard TV/PC monitor cable. Here are the pictures of the rest of the stuff;

If your going to be doing something like this, the total cost of all the equipment totaled up to $2,000 and that is not included the fact that the Flat screen was already in place.  The whole family uses it and use it to Skype people and even search for Airline tickets, watch TV online and even play games online as well. It is an achievement that I can do something with a Flat screen TV and something I am capable of doing with any desktop tower and a standard 32 inch flat screen TV.