WTF is NYPD doing outside of NYC and playing CIA wannabe

After seeing this, article, I had a WTF moment here. WTF is NYPD doing way outside of it’s jurisdiction and way outside the state of New York in all places New Brunswick New Jersey. It seems like after Sept 11, you have NYPD going around playing CIA/FBI. Now spying on anyone  including liberal groups, Muslims and anyone associated with the occupy movement.

It seems to me that the NYPD has CIA/FBI envy all over it and got caught trying to play CIA/FBI and spying on people. It just seems to me that NYPD is mission creeping and stepping on the toes of the Federal government. They just can’t leave that job to the Federal government and to agencies such as the NSA, CIA and FBI. NYPD just had to barge in and wanting to play wannabe CIA.

It seems now that NYPD got caught with their Pants down by a landlord in an apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They got caught when a landlord was inspecting an apartment and he saw NYPD gear. Here’s the video;

What’s clear is that NYPD got caught playing CIA wannabe’s and thinking they have jurisdiction outside of NYC and NY state. Since they got their cover blown, I think the feds should come down hard and force NYPD to clamp or shut down their counter terrorism unit. NYPD is mission creeping into federal territory and federal jurisdiction. Judging by this taped call, It proves that NYPD is spying on people and mission creeping into Federal juridiction. One of these days NYPD is going to wind up in a fight that they can’t win with the real CIA who may end up leaving them hanging.