AssaultCube game review

If your the type of person who likes to play First person shooter games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Then I have a game that can be called the boot camp for games like Modern Warfare and Black ops. The game I am reviewing and going to be talking about is called Assault Cube.

Assault Cube is an open source first person shooter game. It is an easy game to get started on. It’s really addictive in the online multiplayer part of the game. Assault cube is based on the Cube Engine software and it has many cube based games such as Sauerbraten and Red Eclipse. Both games are very easy on any computer and can run from a 56K connection to Broadband internet. Assault Cube is light weight only 40 MB and can run on old systems as old as a Pentium III processor.

Assault cube is one of those games that if I need to practice my game before playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare online. Assault Cube can be called a Boot camp Game for bigger and badder games. Assault cube let’s me perfect my skills and my gaming ability. It has some of the basic weapons from Assault rifle to Carbine. The pistols in the game is standard and the maps are some of the most wild and crazy maps for online gaming. Assault Cube for it’s part doesn’t cost alot and people can modify the game to their own liking and even mod the maps for the game as well.

I like Assault cube because I can play it on my Laptop and even play online through my broadband internet connection. Assault cube let’s me play for hours on end and it’s easy on my computer. My laptop is not a gaming laptop but having assault cube on my computer, I can easily play online. Here’s a trailer video showing more about the game

Now for my opinon, Assault cube is a perfect first person shooter game and I play it alot online under the name Majorpain. It is a perfect game to get some practice time before playing more badder games such as Modern Warfare 2 or Black ops. Assault cube is an open source game and can run from Windows, Mac and Linux. It even can run on Portable apps as well. If your looking for a Game to play online and not have it hurt your system, then Assault Cube and any or the Cube Engine games are the way to go. Links to the site are below

Cube Engine:

Assault Cube :