Evernote for the Lazy brain

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Image via CrunchBase

I have this program on my Laptop and on my IPOD Touch called Evernote.It’s a note taking program that helps me take notes in class and organizes them. It’s a program that allows me to take audio notes, type notes and even take pictures of what’s on the board and save them on Evernote.

If your learning disabled like I am, Evernote is a perfect program because it helps keep your academic life organized and up to date with college classes. Even in class when I need to scan documents that are handed to me, I can take a picture of the document, using my IPOD Touch with a Doc scanner app and have them uploaded on to Evernote as well.

The thing I like about Evernote is that It’s a perfect research tool that can help you organize your research and even help you clip things that you want to cite and review. Evernote let’s me go paperless because it let’s me type notes on my laptop and they are synced across my IPOD Touch and to the Evernote server.

Which is why Evernote is a program that college students should have on their Laptop, Tablet, IPOD Touch, IPHONE or Android phone. Evernote can be your tape recorder, Note taking program and video documentation. It even let’s you save the environment by going paperless and carrying less on your backpack. I use Evernote for my classes and I even promote using Evernote for my colleges as well. I also think schools and colleges should be using Evernote for their classes help students be more better learners and learn in the 21st century. Evernote has saved me countless times in class and even has shaved how much I have to study and Evernote has made me a better college student as well.

Here’s the link for Evernote