Dating prospects at my age

One thing I find lacking in my so called social life is dating. Really, Dating is one thing I am seriously lacking in my social life. I have friends I see on a daily basis and had 2 girlfriends in my lifetime and none panned out to be serious. So for me, I often wonder at what age do I stop looking for a girlfriend and just get on with my life. I know at my age and the fact that I have an Intersex medical condition would often be seen as a huge barrier for me. So it just makes me wonder what kind of prospect would I have at my age and my medical condition. Also I often wonder, why women in general would pass me over for the bad boy man and not for the nice guys. Though for me, I’m just an incomplete person.

One thing I have seen in my life as well, is that the lack of a sex life. In reality, my sex life is always half or three quarter full of a full glass. I do have a sex life, but not complete because of a lack of dating life and lack of a girlfriend. It is hard on me and hard on my social life. I don’t sugar coat the fact that my social and dating life is not complete or full. It’s always a three quarters full of a full social life. I think because of my circumstance and my situation I am in. I am finding it hard to have a social life and a life of having dates and a girlfriend.

It’s why I sometimes have thought about giving up on the dating scene and giving up on finding a girlfriend. I find the dating scene outdated and sexist towards those who can hook up and those who can’t or meet any standard are left by the wayside. Folks like me find it very hard to have a social life and a date at least. Which leads to frustration and sometimes giving up on the idea of dating or relationships. It’s why I often think that women don’t like folks like me who don’t measure up to what they want or expect. I think sometimes women lose out on folks like me and pass me over for someone else.

Which is why I have gave up on the dating scene or trying to find a girlfriend. I gave up because of the situation I am in and the fact that my prospects for a full social life including dating and relationships are never going to be complete or full. My social life as it stands, it three quarters of a full glass. What’s missing is the dating and relationship life. Which is why I gave that up and instead just live out the remainder of my life. The door is always open for a dating life and for a girlfriend,though for me, I am just gona focus mainly on living my life and just exist in my own niche of this planet. It’s like where I’ll just live my life and not be concern about dating or girlfriends, but if that ever happens down the road, then it happens.

Though for now, I’m just content to just having a life that isn’t normal and complete. It’s a life for me and a life that I know is never going to be complete or full. It’s going to be half full and never complete. In my social life, it’s never going to be fulfilling or happy for me. Dating and girlfriends for me will just happen when it comes up or when one is their. For now, I’m just living and existing like everyone else.