College so far

I am back in college after a semester break. I’m now at Eastern Connecticut State University. So far the college is ok and it’s smaller than what I am use to in a medium college. I like the closeness and the fact that everyone knows you by name and not by a number. It’s a liberal arts college in the same way as Connecticut College, Middlebury college, Evergreen State college. The one thing I like about this college is that they don’t have fraternities or sororities. Which is a good thing and something I am outright against despise of so much.

One thing I like about my college is that they have Gender Neutral housing and I am one of the first students to live in Gender Neutral housing. I was fortunate enough to have gender neutral housing because being born with an Intersex condition, I would not be comfortable with living either the men and women. Which is why I have my own apartment and it’s designated as gender neutral housing. Originally they were not going to give me gender neutral housing but because of my Hearing disability and my Intersex condition, I was give gender neutral housing and became the First student at Eastern Connecticut state University to have Gender Neutral Housing. I am fortunate enough because of my hearing disability and my Intersex condition. Which because being born intersex and deaf in one ear, I am protected under the American’s with Disability Act law in America.

So far, I am finding my own niche on campus and I am finding my own place as well. I am making some friends and even part of a campus LGBT group because they are the ones that worked hard for Gender Neutral Housing and because  of them, I am part of their group. As far as for me, this college has ways of getting me to graduate on time and even work towards getting my Masters in Nursing and working as a Nurse Practitioner.

So I do like Eastern so far and it’s a pretty small campus that let’s me grow as a person and not be suffocated by peer pressure to be part of something or some group. I get to be me and who I am as a person and a human being. It also let’s me be comfortable in my own skin and my own self as well.

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