Where did my life go?

As I age in this world
Goals of mine seem to fade away with time
All my hopes and dreams I had in the past
All seem to be nothing more than a distant memory
Life as I knew it went by in a flash
One moment, I was 13 years old
Next thing I knew I was 21
Then all the sudden 30 years old
Bang, Adulthood here I come
It’s so long ago that life for me
Flashed in an instant
Now everything I knew now,
Is nothing more than one for the history books
Life for me was more than just a blur
It all went fast and furious
Some were drug induced
While others were so painful and traumatic
That at times when things triggered it
It brought back all the horror
That reminded me of a Friday night horror flick
Which in my life is one of those things I want to forget?
This was why my life moved so fast
That one minute my life was here
Then the next it was their
Moving so fast that I never had to time enjoy it
Or even remember it.
It’s why all my hopes, goals and aspiration’s
Fade as I age
Even as I age, I fade from view as well
To the point of being non existent
I always wonder where have my life gone
Even wonder what I have done with my life
And even if I made any impact in my life
To which I will never know until I exit this world
Which by then I’ll know if I did anything with my life?
Though for now, I’ll just sit back
Enjoy whatever I have left in my life
Wonder every waking minute what I did, didn’t do and should have done