My Experience at Eastern

My experience at Eastern thus far is ok, except for the fact that some people at eastern are giving me the cold shoulder and treating me as if I am an outcast, not welcomed or not included. I am being treated like this at Eastern because my views and opinions on curtain people. It seems like their are some people at Eastern who don’t like what I say or what my opinions are. They are turning against me and giving me the cold shoulder. I am virtually been given the silent treatment and making feel like I am not welcomed anymore.

It is depressing me that people at Eastern are giving me the silent treat cold shoulder. I feel like when I come on campus, I am not allowed to have an opinion or view on curtain things.  It’s because of my view on curtain things that some people here are giving me the cold shoulder and making me feel like I am not welcomed or included.

It is hurting me that I don’t have any friends on campus to talk to and because of what people think I say and view things, they are going to give me the cold shoulder and make me feel like I don’t belong here. I know I am entitled to my opinions and views, but the problem here is that people are all to PC about what I say and view things. As a result, people have turned their backs against me and makes me feel like I am not welcomed or wanted.

What I am going to say is that I feel hurt, I feel pain and I feel miserable because people turned their backs on me at Eastern and turned made me feel like I don’t belong. I am feeling down about it and I feel like no one cares about me or cares about me. I simply feel that Eastern doesn’t care enough to help me though the fact that people are hurt over opinions and can’t see that everyone is entitled to one no matter if you like it or not.

You know what hurts, is the fact that No one on campus wants to talk to me or help me through my problems. I simply feel completely alone and completely isolated with no support and no one to talk to. The LGBT group at Eastern seems to have give me the cold shoulder and given me the silent treatment. They completely ignored me and made me feel like I don’t EXIST.  I simply feel like I am invisible and hidden from everyone. It hurts not only me, but everyone around me and around them. I’ll say this, getting the Silent treatment and the cold shoulder is a major pet peeve of mine.

So for now and the remainder of my time at Eastern, I am simply going to focus on my classes. I’ll Ignore all the clubs and social events. The only thing I will care for is my Shipmates with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and focus on my social life outside of Campus and not care about what’s going on campus.