Bullying is wrong no matter if it’s a child, teen or an Adult. Bullying is a social pandemic that society needs to face an realize is happening. For me, Bullying is wrong no matter who or what it is. Bullying should be against the law and their should be zero tolerance on bullying.

Schools of Thought

By Donna Krache, CNN

Editor’s Note: Not In Our School offers resources to help adults empower students against bullying.  You may also want to check out The Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign, sponsored by Cartoon Network, CNN and Time Warner, a student-centered approach that also offers educator and parent materials.

(CNN) — It’s an anti-bullying message designed to hit home with a different audience — adults.  And it hits hard.

The set is an office breakroom. The office bully calls a coworker names, then pushes and threatens him, even as horrified colleagues pretend not to notice. One gets up from his table and scurries away.  The victim is humiliated. The bully revels in the power.

In the end, the boss intervenes, but not to bring justice — just to tell the bully and the victim to “get back to work.”

Anyone who watches the public service announcement, “Break…

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